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Eevee day (2020)

It's Eevee day so I drew my Eeveesona Sugar!

Happy birthday, bun!

Birthday gift for bunseason on Twitter!

I realized I haven't drew my Eeveesona since I drew her reference sheet so I doodled her!

Sugar the Eevee reference sheet!

Revived my Eeveesona and gave her new name and also changed her a bit! Meet Sugar the Eevee!

Lerun the Raboot reference sheet

Reference sheet of my evolved Pokesona, Lerun the Raboot!

Lerun the Raboot

Remember Lerun the Scorbunny? She's now evolved into Raboot!

Lerun the Scorbunny is back!

Since Pokesona is trending on Twitter right now, I decided to draw my Scorbunny after a long while!

Me and my sonas!

Icon that I'm using on my personal blog!

Lerun the Scorbunny icon

Icon of my Pokesona!

Lerun the Eevee reference (old Pokesona)

If you're wondered what my old Pokesona looked like, here you go!

Lerun the Scorbunny reference sheet

Reference sheet of my Pokesona!

Summer happiness

Time to share art of my Pokesona! Summer happiness!