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Eevee day (2020)

It's Eevee day so I drew my Eeveesona Sugar!

Happy birthday, bun!

Birthday gift for bunseason on Twitter!

"Those stars are beautiful... like you"

I'm really running out of title ideas, huh...

Anyways, here's last piece in SAI 2 that was sitting in my WIPs for months and I finally finished it!

I realized I haven't drew my Eeveesona since I drew her reference sheet so I doodled her!

Braixen day 2020

God, it's a bit hard to draw Braixen's hands but anyways, it's Braixen day!

Pichu/Lilligant day (2020)

It's Pichu/Lilligant day! God, I drew both of Pichus so tiny...


I had to draw that happy Eevee from that music video!

Gengar day/Quilava day

Today is Gengar day! (and also Quilava day)


Seems like there's Goomy campaign day in Japan but anyways, enjoy!

Glaceon day 2020

It's Glaceon day!

Nickit day

So turns out that today is Nickit day!

Another batch of ArtFight stuff

Attacks on RZStar25 and PYPIXY and friendly fire on LuxxArt (all on Twitter)!

Water day/Vaporeon day 2020

It's water day in Japan! Oh, and it seems like it's also Vaporeon day (even if it should be originally in December)? Interesting!


ArtFight attack on FancyDoesThings on Twitter!

Another ArtFight attacks!

Characters belong to: lumivillle, loveycloud (both on Twitter)!

Today's ArtFight attacks!

Characters belongs to ExcaliHero and NapTimeMew (both on Twitter)!

Jirachi day 2020

It's Jirachi day!

First ArtFight attack batch!

Characters: Yuu (Nekojiima @ Twitter), Bun the Lopvee (bunseason @ Twitter) and Asterio (Mochacciino @ Twitter).

Cinccino day

It's Cinccino day so time to upload drawings from today, 2019 and 2018!

Cutesy Wooloo

Having an art block rn so have cutesy Wooloo!

(BTW, I didn't completely shaded it because I wanted to doodle it quick.)