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That fluff again

Doodled this fluffy OC of mine again since I'm still art blocked! Still trying to come up with name for it!

Possible new OC?

I'm still art blocked so I quickly doodled this... cute fluffy thing. No name yet!

Halloween Lerun icon 2020

It's that month again!

Current outfit challenge

So there was current outfit challenge on Twitter and I had to do it.

(also new style)

Thank you ArtFight 2020

ArtFight is officially over for this year and winning team will be announced soon!! It was my first time participating and I had fun, hope I'll be able to participate next year!

The true final batch of ArtFight attacks

Since ArtFight got extended again here's friendly fire for ZestyLemonss on Twitter and last attack (for real this time) on Sugary-Stardust on ArtFight!

Last ArtFight attacks!

Friendly fire for babybweep and attack on Sun_Envoy (both on Twitter)!

Another batch of ArtFight stuff

Attacks on RZStar25 and PYPIXY and friendly fire on LuxxArt (all on Twitter)!

Batch of ArtFight stuff!

Attack on CrayonChewer (Twitter) and friendly fires on chiyuiibean (Instagram) and fiaKaiera (Twitter)!


ArtFight revenge on Ness_The_Coward on Twitter!

(She/Her please)


ArtFight attack on Sekaiete on Twitter!


ArtFight attack on Sushi0cat on Twitter!

(He/Him please)


ArtFight revenge on beginningofrain on Twitter!


ArtFight revenge on MysterycatW on Twitter!


Friendly fire on masamunemaniac on Twitter!


ArtFight attack on Ambunny on Twitter!


ArtFight attack on RayStarKitty on Twitter!


ArtFight attack on bunneances on Twitter!

Monster Energy cat!


ArtFight revenge on InkBeastArt on Twitter!

Couple of ArtFight attacks!

First one is revenge on maxster_the (Twitter) and second is attack on Himtee1 (Twitter)!


ArtFight attack on wuru_ on Twitter!

Red Velvet

ArtFight attack on Mothfluttter on Twitter!


ArtFight attack on crispytyph on Twitter!

Another ArtFight attacks!

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