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Reference sheet for my squirrel OC, Lydia!

Decided to revive one of my very old OCs!

Updated Millie's reference sheet! (yup, that's mostly same reference sheet as before)

She has hair now!

Toyhou.se icon for my OC Millie! Yes, she has hair now~

Lerun reference sheet (2021)

And here it is, new reference sheet for my fursona: Lerun the Bunpaca! Yes I know, having watermarks in her face is annoying but I need to avoid risk of my character being stolen so yeah. Anyways, enjoy!

Welcome! (new pinned post)

Welcome to my art blog! I'm a bunpaca who draws mostly cute things and animals! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!

It's officially past midnight in my country so... Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope this year will be better!

Wish y'all Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Made a Toyhou. se icon for my OC Luna! Also this is first art with my new signature!

Not sure if it counts as art but... here's my new signature! On drawings it'll actually have year when it was made.


Had a bit of art block so I had to draw R_essue's (Twitter) fursona! Had fun drawing her~

2020 summary of art

So, here's my 2020 Summary of Art! It was kinda hard to pick art pieces for that one (especially for August since I mostly took a break after ArtFight) but anyways, I made it! Here's to another year of arting!

Original blank template!


I'm a bit late, but here's my Warnersona! Her name is Sprinkle!

Luna reference sheet

I finally finished reference sheet for her!


New OC time! Yup, she's goat!

"Well hello there stranger, it's nice to meet you here!"

Decided to do that "Draw your OCs in cute and fluffy seasional dress edition" on Twitter!

Was supposed to upload that yesterday but site was down.


Saw MerooArt (Twitter) made a sheep sona and I just had to draw him!

Meet the artist (2020)

So since recently I turned 23, it's time for new "Meet the artist" thingy! Also finally colored my hair in proper color.

EDIT: forgot to write my tablet's name, which is fixed now!

It's December and you know what that means! Time to get festive!

Happy birthday, Flan!

Birthday gift for _flane on Twitter!

Millie reference sheet

So finally I finished it! Reference sheet for my OC Millie! And yes, I changed her eye color.

Eevee day (2020)

It's Eevee day so I drew my Eeveesona Sugar!

And I decided to draw Millie, Lydia and Pop together! Maybe I'll redraw this digitally someday soon?

Another new OC? Yup! She has no name yet tho!

Another new OC? Yup, a squirrel OC for a certain project that I plan to make when certain time comes! Thinking about name for her!