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Lerun reference sheet (2021)

And here it is, new reference sheet for my fursona: Lerun the Bunpaca! Yes I know, having watermarks in her face is annoying but I need to avoid risk of my character being stolen so yeah. Anyways, enjoy!

Welcome! (new pinned post)

Welcome to my art blog! I'm a bunpaca who draws mostly cute things and animals! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!

It's officially past midnight in my country so... Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope this year will be better!

Wish y'all Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Had a bit of art block so I had to draw R_essue's (Twitter) fursona! Had fun drawing her~

"Well hello there stranger, it's nice to meet you here!"

Decided to do that "Draw your OCs in cute and fluffy seasional dress edition" on Twitter!

Was supposed to upload that yesterday but site was down.


Saw MerooArt (Twitter) made a sheep sona and I just had to draw him!

It's December and you know what that means! Time to get festive!

Happy birthday, Flan!

Birthday gift for _flane on Twitter!

Birthday month icon

Since it's my birthday month, I made myself an icon for it that I'm now using on my personal blog.

(btw, my birthday is November 30)

Happy Halloween (2020)

I wish y'all a very Happy Halloween!

Happy birthday Shuri (2020)

Birthday girt for Shurishy on Twitter!


Saw many people making boosonas on my Twitter timeline and thought... why not! Not sorry!

Happy birthday Soka (2020)

Birthday gift for InkBeastArt on Twitter that was meant to be uploaded yesterday but site was unfunctional but anyways, enjoy!

Halloween Lerun icon 2020

It's that month again!

Current outfit challenge

So there was current outfit challenge on Twitter and I had to do it.

(also new style)

Thank you ArtFight 2020

ArtFight is officially over for this year and winning team will be announced soon!! It was my first time participating and I had fun, hope I'll be able to participate next year!

Pride month 2020

Happy Pride month, everyone!

5 minute artist meme

Saw this trending on Twitter and decided to join!

Stay safe everyone!

Stay safe everyone, wash your hands!


It is April Fools day, my dudes


Lerun reference sheet 2020

New reference sheet for my fursona (also new outfit)!

New icon (again)

I'm running out of title and description ideas but yeah, made myself a new icon. Also, sorta new clothes for my fursona!

Art block

It's official, I have an art block now. I'm sorry...