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"Those stars are beautiful... like you"

I'm really running out of title ideas, huh...

Anyways, here's last piece in SAI 2 that was sitting in my WIPs for months and I finally finished it!


Saw many people making boosonas on my Twitter timeline and thought... why not! Not sorry!

Happy birthday Soka (2020)

Birthday gift for InkBeastArt on Twitter that was meant to be uploaded yesterday but site was unfunctional but anyways, enjoy!

Pop reference sheet (4 versions)

So, I gave my new OC name: Pop! And since it can change its cloak depending on season, here's 4 variations of its reference sheet!

That fluff again

Doodled this fluffy OC of mine again since I'm still art blocked! Still trying to come up with name for it!

Braixen day 2020

God, it's a bit hard to draw Braixen's hands but anyways, it's Braixen day!

Minecraft Kirby

Having an art block so... Minecraft Kirby time.

(yup, it's lineless)

Pichu/Lilligant day (2020)

It's Pichu/Lilligant day! God, I drew both of Pichus so tiny...

Happy birthday Raymond!

Happy birthday to Raymond from Animal Crossing!

Halloween Lerun icon 2020

It's that month again!


I had to draw that happy Eevee from that music video!

Happy birthday Marshal!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite Animal Crossing villager, Marshal!

Are they...😏 you know?😳

Haven't drew Bob and Punchy or even any Animal Crossing art in a while so here's last digital art for a while until we'll settle down in new house!

Michizuna week (2020) day 4: concert (late)

Once again I'm one day late, but here's Michizuna week day 4: concert! I'll be stopping here since I'm a bit art-wise burned out, but it was fun participating anyways!

Michizuna week (2020) day 3: sports (late)

One day late, but here's prompt for Michizuna week day 3: sports!

Michizuna week (2020) day 2: hugging

So time for day 2 prompt! Also if there won't be day prompt from me tomorrow, that means I art-wise burned out.

Michizuna week (2020) day 1: first date

So, it took me almost all day to complete this but anyways, it's Michizuna week!

Poko and Ponkochi

Watched episode 18 of Mewkledreamy and I just had to draw these two!

Current outfit challenge

So there was current outfit challenge on Twitter and I had to do it.

(also new style)

Gengar day/Quilava day

Today is Gengar day! (and also Quilava day)


Seems like there's Goomy campaign day in Japan but anyways, enjoy!