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Posts tagged animal crossing new horizons:

Audie and Whitney (redraw)

Since art block still isn't going away, did another redraw!

Redraw of this!

Happy birthday Raymond!

Happy birthday to Raymond from Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing doodles!

Surprise! I finally got motivation and finished it today!

Characters: Felicity, Marshal, Raymond, Lily, Lolly, Tia, Bob, Punchy, Dom.

Animal Crossing pen doodles 2!

Characters: C.J, Flick, Rover, Lily, Margie, Hazel, Merry.

Animal Crossing pen doodles!

Characters: Daisy Mae, Judy, Raymond, Isabelle, Marshal, Bob, Audie, Punchy.

Isabelle doodle!

Quick Isabelle doodle just to celebrate Animal Crossing New Horizons release!