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Audie and Whitney (redraw)

Since art block still isn't going away, did another redraw!

Redraw of this!

Happy birthday Raymond!

Happy birthday to Raymond from Animal Crossing!

Happy birthday Marshal!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite Animal Crossing villager, Marshal!

Are they...😏 you know?😳

Haven't drew Bob and Punchy or even any Animal Crossing art in a while so here's last digital art for a while until we'll settle down in new house!

Ankha's birthday (belated)

So yesterday was Ankha's birthday and I had to doodle something to get back into art mood, still too lazy to take my tablet, but anyways, enjoy!

Happy Birthday, K.K. Slider!

It's K.K. Slider's Birthday so I decided to doodle something!

Random Bob and Punchy wallpaper

Currently having an art block and also busy but hey, at least I managed to draw something. Have a random Bob and Punchy wallpaper!

Animal Crossing doodles 2!

Did another one of those!

Characters: Marina, Ankha, Stitches, Isabelle, Rover, Francine, Chrissy, Rosie, Tangy, Zucker.

Animal Crossing doodles!

Surprise! I finally got motivation and finished it today!

Characters: Felicity, Marshal, Raymond, Lily, Lolly, Tia, Bob, Punchy, Dom.

Enjoying spending time with you

Yeah, another Bob and Punchy drawing!

Punchy (another Krita test)

Did another Krita test yesterday and drew Punchy!

Rover doodle!

Doodled Rover since May Day event started in ACNH!