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Welcome! (new pinned post)

Welcome to my art blog! I'm a bunpaca who draws mostly cute things and animals! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!

And I decided to draw Millie, Lydia and Pop together! Maybe I'll redraw this digitally someday soon?

Another new OC? Yup! She has no name yet tho!

Another new OC? Yup, a squirrel OC for a certain project that I plan to make when certain time comes! Thinking about name for her!

Decided to draw my OC Pop in its ultimate form during daytime!

Just an idea I had for ultimate form of my OC Pop!

Audie and Whitney (redraw)

Since art block still isn't going away, did another redraw!

Redraw of this!

Birthday month icon

Since it's my birthday month, I made myself an icon for it that I'm now using on my personal blog.

(btw, my birthday is November 30)

Happy Halloween (2020)

I wish y'all a very Happy Halloween!

Happy birthday Shuri (2020)

Birthday girt for Shurishy on Twitter!

Happy birthday, bun!

Birthday gift for bunseason on Twitter!

"Those stars are beautiful... like you"

I'm really running out of title ideas, huh...

Anyways, here's last piece in SAI 2 that was sitting in my WIPs for months and I finally finished it!

Love your Boosona @lerunechka ! Super cute!!

lerunscorner -

AHHHHHH I'm so sorry I haven't seen it before, she looks so cute in your style! Thank you!


Saw many people making boosonas on my Twitter timeline and thought... why not! Not sorry!

Happy birthday Soka (2020)

Birthday gift for InkBeastArt on Twitter that was meant to be uploaded yesterday but site was unfunctional but anyways, enjoy!

I realized I haven't drew my Eeveesona since I drew her reference sheet so I doodled her!

Slowly getting out of art block so here's Kuromi and My Melody!

Pop reference sheet (4 versions)

So, I gave my new OC name: Pop! And since it can change its cloak depending on season, here's 4 variations of its reference sheet!

That fluff again

Doodled this fluffy OC of mine again since I'm still art blocked! Still trying to come up with name for it!

Possible new OC?

I'm still art blocked so I quickly doodled this... cute fluffy thing. No name yet!

Braixen day 2020

God, it's a bit hard to draw Braixen's hands but anyways, it's Braixen day!

Minecraft Kirby

Having an art block so... Minecraft Kirby time.

(yup, it's lineless)